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Your Health! – #Hypertension – Ask Dr. Ezeugwu on Quality and Prevention!

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ASK DOCTOR EZEUGWU | February 15, 2015 11:17 am

DEAR DOCTOR EZEUGWU: Should I continue to take my blood pressure medications even when my blood pressure “number” is normal?

DEAR PATIENT: In most instances, the answer to this excellent question is YES!!   Remember that high blood pressure (Hypertenson) is a systemic illness that can damage many of your organs including the brain, eyes, heart, kidney etc. It is not just a “number” game! Many of the medications that you are receiving for the treatment of your blood pressure are designed to control the “number” and help protect your organs from damage. It is therefore imperative that you consider these benefits before stopping your medications.  Furthermore, it may be that your blood pressure may have become “normal” because you are taking the medications.  My advice – Ask your Doctor before you stop your blood pressure medications.

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