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Easy Ways for Seniors to Boost Their Quality of Life

Seniors dancing and smiling.

One of the lessons we learn in life is to make the most of every moment. Here’s how to ensure you enjoy everything life has to offer throughout your golden years and not let aging get the best of you. 

Getting Around: Technology & Health

Thanks to modern technology, seniors have ample opportunity to ease some of the struggles that can accompany older age.  For instance, those who don’t drive can take advantage of sharing economy resources. Many people use companies like Lyft and Uber, and there are services like GoGoGrandparent which help you connect with drivers, even if you don’t use a smartphone.  If you’re thinking of adding a smartphone but find them intimidating or complex, there are some versions which are particularly senior-friendly

Medical alert system:  These are especially helpful to seniors with mobility concerns, providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.  There are so many options, selecting a system can be overwhelming. Some are mobile, some home-based, there is monitored versus call buttons, and several other choices to make. Medical alert systems are available for as low as $19.95 a month.

Enjoy some good eats:

You might have heard the saying that your digestive tract is your second brain, and evidence indicates that is turning out to be true.  There appears to be a relationship between your emotional state and your gut health, and when one is unbalanced, the other is affected similarly.  There are microorganisms throughout your digestive system, and when you are stressed, sick, or off your routine, they can get off-kilter. 

One method for keeping things on track is to ensure you consume plenty of probiotics.  This can be in the form of a supplement, or you can eat fermented foods, such as yogurt and kimchi.  So the probiotics can do their job, make a point to consume prebiotic foods regularly.  A few good choices include bananas, garlic, and carrots.  With things in equilibrium, you’ll be able to absorb the nutrients and energy from your meals.  It’s an easy way to insure you keep feeling good and staying positive. 

Fitness matters for all ages:

All too often, we think of becoming sedentary as part of growing older.  In fact, too little activity at any age is harmful to health, and Reuters cites studies indicating it can lead to loss of mobility in older adults. 

Consider looking for ways to exercise at home, which can be a key to staying active when the weather is disagreeable.  Think about getting a recumbent stationary bike or an elliptical trainer, both of which are easier on your joints than a treadmill.  You can assemble some simple equipment as well, such as resistance bands or a stability ball.   You can even add some videos to your regimen to keep things interesting and engaging.

When you’re doing chores around the home, keep in mind that some are ideal for staying active, while others can cause injury.  Landscaping, lawn mowing, cleaning, and other home projects can become more difficult with age. Stick to chores you know you can handle, and leave the rest to professionals.  Look up companies located near you to gather estimates; for example, residents in Baltimore are likely to pay between $119 and $228 to hire a maid service.

Stay in touch: 

Seniors can sometimes become reclusive, but research indicates it’s important to remain socially activethroughout life, and especially as a senior.  Lonely seniors appear to be more apt to have hypertension, choose unhealthy nutrition, experience higher levels of inflammation, and are more inclined to be depressed.  Ensure you have fun and stay engaged. Join a reading club, connect with a workout partner, go to ball games with some buddies, or gather friends once a week for cards. It’s good for you, and on top of that, you’ll have fun!


Aging brings with it a number of challenges, but you aren’t just along for the ride.  You have choices you can make to help take control of you circumstances. Boost your quality of life with some of these easy-breezy changes.

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