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Ask Dr. Ezeugwu – Poor Sleep – #YourHealth

couple snoring

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DEAR DOCTOR EZEUGWU: My husband’s snoring affects my sleep at night.  Should I be worried?

DEAR PATIENT: Yes!  Obviously his snoring is already preventing you from getting a restful sleep at night.  A restful sleep is vital for all of us.  Poor sleep can affect our body in many ways and can lead to many medical conditions including irregular heart rhythm, uncontrolled blood pressure, poor exercise capacity, breathing problems, mood disorder and poor mental state etc. You should also know that snoring can be a marker of a medical condition called sleep apnea.  People with sleep apnea are prone to many medical problems that can be treated or prevented by appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  Encourage your husband to ask his doctor for a sleep study test.  This test will help to determine if he has sleep apnea.  In this way he will get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for the benefit of both of you. #AskYourDoctor.



Camellus O. Ezeugwu MD, PhD., FACP, FACC

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Medical Director –Just Heart Cardiovascular Group Inc.

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